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Interior Design Inspirations Fall 2018 – Clay’s Favorite Finds!

Below you will find some of my favorite finds and inspirations for Fall 2018! Please contact me for more information. Happy Fall! Clay

Interior Design Inspirations- Fall 2018

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Trend Alert! 2018- 2019 Globally Inspired Living!

Globally inspired living with an eclectic mix is experiencing a moment in our interior design world but has always been a favorite of mine!

This vignette shot of a living room features a global- eclectic mix with layered area rugs and a Classically inspired chair accented with a bone inlay Moroccan side table.CSL Global eclectic vignette LR

The global mix is typically done with lots of bright colors but I think the neutral approach I took here, with lots of textures, is sophisticated and soothing.

I hope you will be inspired to mix it up and add some globally inspired elements to your  home!

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INSPIRATIONS – SPRING 2018- Clay’s Favorite Finds!

Here in Florida we are enjoying our Spring weather; with a preview of some almost Summer- like temps!
When I think of Spring, one of my favorite times of the year, I always think of cool and soothing water inspired colors !
It’s time to do your Spring cleaning and while you are at it, I hope this Inspiration board, I have curated for you, will give you some ideas to freshen up your interiors.
All items shown are available thru Clay Stephens Interiors- please call 321-480-7563 for prices and availability.

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Clay’s Favorite Finds- Spring 2017

Spring, a time of rebirth and reawakening, is just around the corner! Now is the time to give your home a “freshen up” in preparation for the beautiful season ahead!

These are my favorite finds for your Spring inspiration and to bring in a touch of Greenery, Pantone’s color of the year, inspired by nature; the perfect hue to usher in Spring!

 Please share with family and friends that might also enjoy some Spring inspiration!

Happy Decorating!

Clay clays-favorite-finds-spring-2017* All items featured are available through Clay Stephens Lifestyles- Contact Clay for prices and availability 321-622-5307  or                                                                                                                                                               

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Color Trends 2017: Gray and Neutrals-Classic!

Gray is a classic neutral and has been a “go to”favorite for neutral interiors for several years now. Gray is moving into 2017 more popular that ever !

CSL newsletter living room

One of my all time favorites is the combination of gray and camel with accent colors of different shades of green, from blue-greens to leaf and citrus greens. In the living room shown above that I designed a couple of years ago, I used this classic combo with gray stone on the fireplace, textured camel fabric on the sofa and brown and gray shades in the rug and leopard print (of course!) chair. The contemporary art canvas, and the plants, bring in the complimentary shades of green to spice up the neutral palette.

This cozy and comfortable room is executed with a mix of contemporary and traditional pieces with a European vibe! Remember , when working with a neutral palette , you need to use contrasting textures and shapes to add more depth to the space, as I did with the stone texture on the fireplace, the wonderful organic shapes of the  three urns,  the sculptural shapes of the leaves on the plants and the soft chenille texture of the sofa.

There are many other color trends coming into 2017 and I won’t go into them all now but will be blogging  more about that later. Whatever the current trends, your home should be a reflection of who you, and your family ,are and you should surround yourself with colors that give you pleasure, furnishings you love  and art that speaks to you ! It’s just good Feng Shui!!

Happy decorating and please check back for more on 2017 color trends and other inspirations for decorating your home!   Clay






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2015 Home Interior Design Trends

Following is our 2015 Home Interior Design Trends report:

Pantone’s color of the year is Marsala, a red with brown undertones. This earthy and sophisticated tone combines well with most colors including aqua, olive, shades of blue, black, plum and gray.


Marsala, Pantone’s color of the year 2015

Animal prints continue to be HOT on the fashion runway and in home interiors.

Get Ready! 1960’s retro is trendy for now! Olive green shades ( we called it Avocado in the sixties). Bold  contrasting colors such as orange and blue and glamorous black and white interiors speak to the sixties retro vibe.

Eldridge master lamps 9432_WIL

Gold metallic finish on table lamp

snake skin sink

Sink with animal print design

Acrylic furniture interpreted in traditional shapes for accent tables and used for chair and sofa legs; I love acrylic used in a traditional interior to add an artistic touch of the unexpected!

Stone, organic and timeless, is showing up on lamps , accent tables and  accessories; quartz, alabaster, petrified wood and agate, to name a few.

Metallic finishes will be very popular with brass leading the way followed by copper, silver and gold. These finishes will be seen on accent tables, lamps and lighting fixtures and accessories.

Acrylic accent table with traditional shape

Acrylic accent table

Thank you for reading our blog! I hope you have enjoyed our report on 2015 Home Interior Design Trends!

Stay tuned for more and remember to always Live Life with Joy, Wonder and Style!




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The Power of Paint- Tips and Ideas You can Use Now to Transform Your Rooms!

Moroccan inspired dining roomAlthough Mario Buatta and I have a different design aesthetic, I agree with his views on the power of paint and the use of color, especially on ceilings. I’ve said this before and Mario Buatta says it again in a recent issue of Elle Decor ” The ceiling is the forgotten surface. Paint it a color, or cover it with wallpaper……….” I haven’t , voluntarily, left a white ceiling in any of my interiors in over 20 years. When I walk into a space with a white ceiling it is so jarring and distracting to me! Of course in an all white room with a white on white color scheme you might leave the ceiling white but I would probably paint it a different tone than the walls; maybe pale gray or soft camel, depending on the rest of the elements of the room. I recently covered a tray ceiling in a model home with cork wall covering and it looked spectacular!

So remember the power of paint when designing your rooms and do something with that ceiling!! For example, pale blue brings in the sky and a pale yellow replicates sunshine; be creative and experiment! Rules were made to be broken!

I painted the ceiling in the dining room shown here in terracotta to match the walls and floors; imagine this room with a white ceiling……………………………………..

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