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2015 Home Interior Design Trends

Following is our 2015 Home Interior Design Trends report:

Pantone’s color of the year is Marsala, a red with brown undertones. This earthy and sophisticated tone combines well with most colors including aqua, olive, shades of blue, black, plum and gray.


Marsala, Pantone’s color of the year 2015

Animal prints continue to be HOT on the fashion runway and in home interiors.

Get Ready! 1960’s retro is trendy for now! Olive green shades ( we called it Avocado in the sixties). Bold  contrasting colors such as orange and blue and glamorous black and white interiors speak to the sixties retro vibe.

Eldridge master lamps 9432_WIL

Gold metallic finish on table lamp

snake skin sink

Sink with animal print design

Acrylic furniture interpreted in traditional shapes for accent tables and used for chair and sofa legs; I love acrylic used in a traditional interior to add an artistic touch of the unexpected!

Stone, organic and timeless, is showing up on lamps , accent tables and  accessories; quartz, alabaster, petrified wood and agate, to name a few.

Metallic finishes will be very popular with brass leading the way followed by copper, silver and gold. These finishes will be seen on accent tables, lamps and lighting fixtures and accessories.

Acrylic accent table with traditional shape

Acrylic accent table

Thank you for reading our blog! I hope you have enjoyed our report on 2015 Home Interior Design Trends!

Stay tuned for more and remember to always Live Life with Joy, Wonder and Style!




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Interior Design Trend Alert! Luscious Coral and Turquoise!

Luscious coral and turquoise are current haute colors in our design world and look so very fabulous together! Orange, popular for a few seasons now, has evolved into coral, a blend of pink  and orange; a beautiful color that combines with almost any other color in the spectrum including, but not limited to, turquoise.

  My color inspirations come from many sources including the fashion runway ( current interior design color trends usually begin on the fashion runway! ) You can also draw your color inspirations  from travel (one of my favorites!), nature, art, a farmer’s market and so much more!

Colors in Nature

Colors in Nature

  • Coral combined with turquoise creats an exotic and tropical ambience.
  •  Black and white punched up with coral makes a bold, graphic statement!
  • Sophisticated and glamorous – coral and gray.
  • Combine coral with shades of citrus green ; very fashion forward!
  • Purple plays with coral to create an exotic , global vibe—– I love it!

Yellow, many shades of blue, red and even pink are other colors that you could combine with coral to create your own personal and delectable color statement!

Thank you for joining me here to see my latest Interior Design Color Trend Alert highlighting Luscious Coral and Turquoise ! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more! Clay

Dolce and Gabana Fashion Colors

Dolce and Gabbana Fashion Colors


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Trend Alert! Nail-head Trim Details !

Nail-head trim details are experiencing new-found popularity in the interior design world! Nail-head trim is showing up on accent furniture, chairs, barstools, beds, tables, picture frames and more. Nickel, bronze, brass or black they add a definitive touch to whatever they grace!

limed oak table with nickel nail head detailing

Side table with nickel nail-head accents

Faux leather chest with nail-head detailing

Did you know? Nail head trim dates back to the era between 1560 and 1643 when the French Country style was first introduced during the reign of Louis XIII and has remained popular ever since.

I have pictured here some examples of  furnishings and accents featuring nail-head trim details.
All items shown are available through Clay Stephens Lifestyles. Please contact us for pricing and more info at

storage cube HaFu 090-427

Nail-head trim adorns storage cube stool

Hekm dinging chair with nailhead trim

Nail-head detailing on dining chair

I hope you have enjoyed this brief trend alert on the popularity of nail-head trim! (more…)

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The Power of Paint- Tips and Ideas You can Use Now to Transform Your Rooms!

Moroccan inspired dining roomAlthough Mario Buatta and I have a different design aesthetic, I agree with his views on the power of paint and the use of color, especially on ceilings. I’ve said this before and Mario Buatta says it again in a recent issue of Elle Decor ” The ceiling is the forgotten surface. Paint it a color, or cover it with wallpaper……….” I haven’t , voluntarily, left a white ceiling in any of my interiors in over 20 years. When I walk into a space with a white ceiling it is so jarring and distracting to me! Of course in an all white room with a white on white color scheme you might leave the ceiling white but I would probably paint it a different tone than the walls; maybe pale gray or soft camel, depending on the rest of the elements of the room. I recently covered a tray ceiling in a model home with cork wall covering and it looked spectacular!

So remember the power of paint when designing your rooms and do something with that ceiling!! For example, pale blue brings in the sky and a pale yellow replicates sunshine; be creative and experiment! Rules were made to be broken!

I painted the ceiling in the dining room shown here in terracotta to match the walls and floors; imagine this room with a white ceiling……………………………………..

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Pineapple Motifs in Interior Design

pineapplePineapple motifs have been a popular interior design theme  for centuries. Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple in the Caribbean Islands and transported it to Europe where it was grown in hot houses. From there it made its way to the American Colonies and on to Hawaii, where it was cultivated on large plantations. Florida also had many Pineapple plantations at one time. The Europeans gave it the name pineapple because the outside resembled a pine cone and the inside fruit was sweet like an apple.

Hostesses in the American Colonies would rent them from produce grocers for their special dinners and then return them to be sold to the wealthy for consumption! Because of pineapple’s great popularity for entertaining, it soon became the symbol of hospitality and friendship and the motif was incorporated by artisans into many decorative carvings used as interior design elements above doorways, as finials on gate posts and other areas of the home. Today we still see the motif in dishes, platters , bedpost finials and many more home accents used for interior design projects including decorative pillows, upholstery fabrics and drapery.

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Design Trivia- HAINT BLUE

SW Pool BlueIf you are southern born, like me, you are probably familiar with the practice of painting porch ceilings the color “haint blue”. The ancient African tradition, brought to the south by the slaves, of painting window and door trim, shutters and porch ceilings a watery shade of blue to ward off haints or evil spirits, has become part of the cultural fiber of southern towns like Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans. It was believed that haints could not cross water so this water-like color tricked the spirits into believing that they couldn’t enter, therefore protecting the dwellers from misfortune. Visit the Sherwin Williams web site and see color SW6944 Pool Blue shown at right ;this is a haint blue tint. Haint blue can range from sky blue to aqua shades and graces many porch ceilings in the old south.

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Combinations of ocean inspired blue and green tones with touches of exotic purple, coral and sunny yellow create a tropical vibe. Think the Caribbean Islands!

Instead of the currently popular cool gray ( which I have just begun to cozy up to ) as a base neutral , we will see warm browns come back into play as we move into 2014. Warm brown tones mix beautifully with tones of pink, coral, aqua , orange and of course black and/or white. I am always comfortable in a predominately brown interior and especially love a brown and white combination with touches of metallic silverMoroccan inspired dining room; Timeless and elegant!

Exotic interiors with a Global Vibe ( a favorite design direction of mine) look great dressed in earth tones touched with spice colors; reds , oranges and yellows———–add touches of coral, purple and pink to kick it up a notch! Think Moroccan spice and flower markets!

Colors appeal to everyone in different ways and the combinations you choose should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, joyous and at home! Be bold and creative and design your own unique color palette to reflect your lifestyle!

I hope you have enjoyed this interior design color trends snapshot for 2013/ 2014.

Stay tuned for more!

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