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For Yacht interiors, this yacht is unbelievable and the exterior design boggles the mind. A floating island; what a concept, and theĀ beautifully executed minimalistĀ interiors are so soothing; live tree and all! Wally Yachts and Hermes partnered to create this $160,000,000.00 dream. Go to then click on “WHY” at upper left and then the different spaces. I think I really need one!! šŸ™‚

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Central Florida Custom Yacht and Boat Decor, Furniture and Interior Design Accessories

For the ultimate in custom yacht interiors, Clay Stephens offers personalized design consultations. These services help yacht owners express their individual tastes and unique lifestyle needs by providing a full range of custom finishes and detailing options. Complete customization includes hand-selected woods, carpets, countertop, wall covering, seating and window treatment as well as accent pillows, accessories, dinnerware, galley supplies and framed art. Monogrammed sheets and towels are also available to complete your custom yacht interiors!

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