A day in the life of an interior designer and artist

November 20, 2013 at 2:32 pm Leave a comment

Clays Picture - Seated copyI drag my tired self (sleepless night- weird dreams about clients/projects!)
out of bed at 5:30 A.M.
-Coffee,news, check e-mail, more coffee.
-Feed the fish and Rusty Kat
-Peruse design magazines ( I subscribe/buy a dozen or more!) for inspiration and information.
-Breakfast; a toasted bagel with peanut butter.
-Shower, etc. Ready to face the day!
-Spend an hour or so reviewing/approving selection sheet for large residential project.
-Respond to e-mails; I have Twittered, blogged, Facebooked  and pinned on Pintrest!
-Work on furnishings selections for 6,000 sq. ft. home.
-Continue work on article for my blog regarding antebellum home interiors and specifically how they incorporated faux finishes.
-Prepare outline for proposed ” Economic Stimulus Art and Design Expo” that we are attending.
make notes of possible committee members and participants.
-Recieve new e-mail ( does anyone talk on the phone anymore??); Client needs to finalize lighting selecions for home under construction. We work on that via. e-mail and get it done!
-Lunch; I try to be good, but——-! Still need to lose that 10 to 15 lbs. Sigh!
-Getting a burst of creative energy, I decide to work on some small paintings that have been marinating in my head for some time. I paint for a while and leave them to start the drying process; at different stages of drying, I will manipulate the paint- these are done intuitively with a wet in wet technique and have a landscape/beachscape quality. Neutral palette; sienna, umber, black and white and touches of turquoise tones.
-Shuffle notes around ( again!) for cookbook I’m writing and writing and writing!! Will I ever get it done?? You can see excerpts on my web site www.claystephens.com
-Follow up call to vendor for quote on fireplace surround.
-Prepare space plan/furniture layout for pool side patio and e-mail to client. Looking for furnishings options.
-Back to painting- looking good!
-Schedule yearly check up appt. for our Rusty kat.
-Sig. other is home and it’s 5:15; our martini time!!!(three blue cheese stuffed olives and please make it dirty!) He gets up early to go to the gym, so we don’t get to visit much in the A.M. Now is our time to sit, sip martinis and discuss our day; watch some news and prepare dinner. He critiques my new paintings- he likes!! Of course, I will continue to adjust/”pick at” them for a few days more. I never know when to quit!
-Dinner and more conversation about world and local events, art, design, work and possible future travel plans/dreams.
-A little more T.V.; Travel and science channels maybe a sitcom to lighten the mood.
-Final check of e-mail and early to bed—I’m tired, tired! Start it all again tomorrow!

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