What a good interior designer does

November 30, 2008 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

I think that most people don’t really understand what a good interior designer actually does. It’s entails way more than placing furniture, accessories and art work to make spaces look beautiful.

A great designer knows not only how to create beautiful spaces but also how to enhance lives and experiences.

I have worked with many clients where, together, we have created a home that nurtures and enhances their lives and actually creates a lifestyle for them.

Have you ever been in a space(home, hotel, offlice or other public arena) that made you feel special and nurtured or that created a sense of joy, wonder or awe? Well, more than likely a talented and creative designer or team of designers planned and supervised the execution of that special place!

A good interior designer can grasp the scope and “feel” of a project and know intuitively how to proceed with planning, research and implementation to achieve the desired outcome.

The first step in a project is to interview the client to obtain as much information as possible about their desires, dreams,and way of life. At this point I will usually have developed a mental picture of the way the project will look when completed! If I don’t get this picture, then I know that I need much more info or that the project isn’t right for me. It is always in the best interest of the client to decline a job that I don’t feel an affinity for and recomend for the client to interview other designers.

Being an interior designer is a hard job, but rewarding when you know you have made a positive difference on a project. I am always happy to hear that I have in some way enhanced a client’s life and exceeded their expectations!

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